About Road Toad Music
Road Toad 'Ukuleles are built by Owen Jones
Keoholaumakani Holt, Jr. I started my first
'ukulele in 1998 and have been building ever
since. I credit my wife, Jan for getting me
started and my first ukulele was derived from
my shark toothed lei'o mano (shark toothed
weapon). I have since expanded into a line of
'ukulele sized bass instruments and will
continue to explore new areas within lutherie.
Legend of the Road Toad:

The Road Toad came in to be about 10 years
ago when a cane toad -
Bufo marinus,
ventured out to cross the road at Poi'pu. Alas,
it didn't make it, but it's effort to cross the
road did not go unnoticed. It is now the logo
of Road Toad Music and each instrument
made bears it's likeness.
Here's a few pictures of the shop:
having exhibited at the Annual Exhibitions since the first in
November 2002. In 2005, I gave a seminar on construction of the
bass 'ukulele. Additional memberships are with the Association of
String Instrument Artisans and the Guild of American Luthiers.

My mission statement:

Road Toad Music’s mission is to create truly personal, quality
handcrafted instruments, unique in style and designed individually
to match the owner.