5 String Semi-hollow bass:
low B-E-A-D-G
5 string prototype semi hollow bass.
  • Tuned B-E-A-D-G with a low B
  • 22.629" scale
  • Through tail block string mounting. In a production
    instrument, the mounting holes would have a magnetic cover.
  • 3 piezo disc pickup
  • Fretless 24 position fingerboard
  • Fits in a baritone ukulele case (shoehorned).
  • Myrtle wood body with macassar ebony bridge and
  • Body based on baritone ukulele lower bout.
This instrument was built as a testbed for ideas. The rear access
plate is held in place magnetically. String mounting is much
easier with the through the tail block mounting. The low B 5th
string works and sounds great, but it is a softer compound and
has a somewhat sticky feel. The 22.629" scale length required
changes to some of the string gauges. In production, scale length
would be closer to 21" to 21.5". Also in a production instrument,
the low B would probably be lost, but the semi-hollow body
should see it's way into the product line.