Road Toad Music
Terms & Conditions
Road Toad Music instruments are warranted against defects due to materials or
workmanship for 3 years. If anything should go wrong with an instrument, please
contact me with the details and I will repair or replace it. I am committed to customer
satisfaction and want to make sure you are very happy with your purchase.
Custom Orders
You must contact me prior to retuning any merchandise. You can send me the detail
in e-mail or call.
Shipping, packaging and insurance costs are in addition to any merchandise prices.
California residents subject to state sales tax.
Contact info
Owen Holt
Road Toad Music     P.O. Box 51817    San Jose, CA      95151
ph:  (408)223-8006
owen*@* (remove the *)
For custom orders, I will require a service contract and deposit. This will secure the
material and allow me to get started on the design and specification process. That
deposit will be 20% of the agreed price of the instrument. If at any time you decide
you would like to back out of the contract, please contact me. If no specifications that
are different from the norm have been started, or if no special materials are
purchased, I may be able to refund the deposit.

Due to the length of time some of the assembly and finishing steps take, build time is
between 2-1/2 and 3 months from the assigned start date. The start date will be
determined when I am comfortable that I have materials on hand and can begin
based on current backlog. Once started, I will update you on the process via e-mail. If
at anytime, you decide to change any of the specifications, let me know immediately.