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New - Pahoehoe Dreads... colorful bassstrings for
Road Toad bass instruments available on the Bass
Strings page.    Click here to purchase.
'Ukulele Bass dedicated site: www.bassuke.com
e-mail to: owen*@*roadtoadmusic.com
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I've added some Paypal buttons to purchase items, but I don't have a
cart function, so all items need be purchased individually at this time.
If you want multiple items, please email me and I can quote with
combined shipping. Shipping charges are included for USA only. For
International, you cannot use this method and must
email me.

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Road Toad Music produces quality handcrafted 'ukulele and
bass instruments. Please follow the links and explore the
various areas of this site.
New String Store Page on Bassuke.com -
RED Low tension and 5 String added
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Road Toad Designed
USA built Kala Solid Body U-Bass
Fretted and Fretless
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April 10,2013
I'm currently not taking new
custom instrument orders
while I work on catching up
existing builds. Check back
to this page toward Q4'2013
for more information on
new build schedules.