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Road Toad 'Ukuleles
Road Toad 'ukuleles are individually handcrafted using solid wood  and other fine
materials.  All wood is dry & climate acclimated before use.
Base instrument is select koa or mahogany top, back & sides; mahogany neck; macassar or
rosewood fretboard & matching bridge; mother of pearl top & side fret position markers;
Grover Champion friction or Gotoh mini guitar tuner. Nut & saddle are bone. Strings are
fluorocarbon or  Aquila Nylgut. Cutaway models are additional charge. Indicated scale
lengths are standard for the models, but other lengths can be done via the listed
Fret Scale Table.
Tenor Dimensions
17" scale
12.1" body length
Curly koa back & sides with sitka spruce top.
Curly koa rosette and flame inlays on top,
fretboard & headplate.  Koa/ebony/maple
laminated neck, bone nut & saddle, macassar
fretboard & bridge. Gold Schaller mini tuners
w/ebony buttons. Aquila Nylgut strings.
Asymetrical shark fin shaped body with curly koa
top, back & sides. Macassar fretboard, bridge &
binding. Wood marquetry top purfling.
Mahogany/maple laminated neck with tiger shark
teeth on peghead. 5-star planetary tuning pegs.
K&K sound Pure Classic pickup. Hilo low G strings.
Pineapple body style. Curly spalted koa top, back &
sides. Spalted maple rosette, pupleheart binding,
macassar bridge & fretboard, mahogany neck,
Grover friction tuners, bone nut & saddle, Hilo
Concert Dimensions
14.806" or 15.103" scale
11" body length
Mana Dimensions
18.011" or 18.654"scale
12.7" body length
Curly koa top, back & sides. Ebony body binding.
Birdseye maple & abalone rosette. 3 piece
laminated neck with chevron pattern inlay strips.
Gecko fretboard inlays
Mana series asymmetrical long scale tenor in
curly koa with macassar ebony fingerboard and
bridge.  This particular instrument has a K&K
Sound Ultrapure Western electronics and 16"
fingerboard radius. 3 piece laminated mahogany
and ebony neck, bone nut and saddle and goald
Schaller machines with ebony knobs.
Concert Pineapple Dimensions
14.806" or 15.103" scale
11" body length
Bufolele Dimensions
17.961" or 19.029"scale
13.4" body length
Primavera top, back & sides. Macassar fretboard,
binding & bridge, primavera/purpleheart laminated
neck. Schaller gold mini tuners w/ebony buttons.
Koa/abalone 'honu' fretboard markers, bone nut &
saddle,  Aquila Nylgut strings.
Purpleheart back & sides with bearclaw sitka
spruce top.  Maple/purpleheart laminated neck.
Curly maple body binding. Birdseye maple
fretboard with purpleheart binding &
abalone/purpleheart vine inlays.
Macassar/abalone rosette. Schaller planetary
tuners 19.03" extended scale w/cutaway. Aquila
Nylgut low G strings.
Baritone Dimensions
20.16"scale (standard)
14.1" body length
Travel Guitar (coming early 2008)
O.K., not really an 'ukulele, but a
Baritone uke sized guitar.
Tenor Guitar Dimensions
14.1" body length
Cambodian rosewood back and sides. Curly
redwood top. Macassar fretboard, body binding
and bridge. Amboyna burl rosette and headplate
inlay.  Mahogany/Pau fero neck. Gotoh 510 mini
tuning machines. Abalone fret position markers.
Special long 21.359" scale with 6 string tuning of
GCEA with low and super low G and standard C
and low C octave pairs.
Tenor Guitar (coming early 2008)
O.K., not really an 'ukulele, but a 4
string guitar. Think of is as a Super
Tenor Guitar Dimensions
16.5" body length
Curly koa top, back & sides. Spalted maple
rosette, ebony binding., mahogany/macassar
laminated neck, macassar fretboard, Grover
friction tuners, bone nut & saddle, Aquila Nylgut
Soprano Dimensions
13.5" scale
9.5" body length
Soprano Pineapple Dimensions
13.5" scale
9.4" body length